How much does Isagenix cost? Isagenix presidents pak value broken down into per day cost of just over $19 dollars per day.

Is Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse Affordable?

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Can you put a price on your health?

Everyone would agree that the obvious answer is no, but things are often not that simple on the surface. What if we could explain it in a way that you would not only see that Isagenix is good value and very affordable but that you can in fact save money using Isagenix products?

Often we get questions from our team members asking how to explain the real value of Isagenix to friends and family who are wanting to buy Isagenix products to try them, but they feel they are expensive.
To best address this, it is important to know exactly what you are getting and what it is substituting from your daily/weekly/monthly food intake.

We understand that $358.59 price tag for 30 Day Cleanse or $577.51 for the Isagenix Presidents Pak can seem high when adding it to your overall monthly budget.


Sample Tally of costs Isagenix is replacing

My own daily cost of food & drink spending

What 99% of people don’t realize right away:
What most people don’t do is work out the cost of what the Isagenix products are substituting.

It took me personally about 18 months to decide to reluctantly try Isagenix until I finally decided to give it a try back in August 2013. Once I realized how much I loved Isagenix products and I was deciding whether I can afford it, I simply put pen to paper to work out how much extra it was costing me. To my surprise, using Isagenix products not only provided me with convenience and ease of getting highest quality nutrition into my body, but I was spending less each week day whilst working in Perth CBD.

I had a morning routine of a Coffee+Bagel in the city which cost me $16, rest of the days varied for lunch but was generally anywhere $12 or higher. Nandos, Sushi train, Asian food, Sumo Salad, sometimes a pub meal on a Friday. All these options would work out about $15 on average. Cheapest I could get away with for lunch in the city was Subway for about $9.95.

When I finally gave Isagenix a try, I started out on the Presidents Pak (see cost breakdown below). For the first 30 days I swapped my morning fish oil & multis for Isagenix essentials, Ageless actives and Product B. I would also have my morning shake made in the IsaBlender in a matter of 30 seconds and consume it right away, the whole preparation, consumption and wash up taking less than 2-3 minutes.

For mid morning snacks, I would have the Isagenix snacks and later on I got some extra IsaDelights which are beyond delicious.

My second shake I would have either for lunch or dinner depending on what I had on for the day, or if I had dinner plans after work. Being able to carry IsaLean shake a single serve sachet made it really convenient and flexible not to have to think too much and pre-plan everything but instead make it fit into my lifestyle without making it feel like a chore.

I also found myself starting to develop better new habits and slowly day by day I started eliminating going to the vending machine for a soft drink or drinking out of habit.

Total cost of food Isagenix replaced in Monday example:

  • Fish oil & multivitamins $0.80
  • Bagel $ Coffee in city $16
  • Banana $1.50
  • Nando’s $18
  • Vending machine soft drink $2.50
  • Glass of wine with dinner $5


How much does Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse or Isagenix Presidents Pak cost?

This is where it gets interesting, most people see the cost of $577 as a huge amount of money because in reality, IT IS! However given this is substituting over 60% of your food/grocery/drinks intake and averages out at just under $19 per day, the value becomes a lot more clear. PLUS it comes with a free Bullet Blender & 1 year membership to lowest pricing available to Isagenix Associates with Autoship Rewards.

How much does Isagenix cost? Isagenix presidents pak value broken down into per day cost of just over 19 dollars per day.

Breaking down the cost of Isagenix Presidents Pak.

How much does Isagenix cost? Isagenix presidents pak value broken down into per day cost of just over $19 dollars per day.

Breaking down the cost of Isagenix Presidents Pak.

Isalean Shake meal replacement superfood shake/smoothie – under $4 per meal.
Multivitamin pack packed with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants – under $5 per serve (providing equivalent nutritional value as $550 worth of groceries)

Ready to try Isagenix?

We hope that this post has been of value to help you make your decision if you are ready to try Isagenix products. If you have any more specific questions please contact us any time. If you are ready to start your new healthy lifestyle please choose from one of the most popular 30 day starter paks below or view the full range of Isagenix products.

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