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Isagenix is Launching in the United Kingdom!

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You may have heard the rumours but now we can officially confirm them – Isagenix is launching in the United Kingdom and establishing a foothold in Europe!

UK Launch Timeline

Beginning with the official announcement at NYKO in New York (12-14 Jan 2017), we will begin a pre-enrolment period in which UK residents can register their interest in becoming Isagenix Customers or Associates and secure a place on your team. This period is a great opportunity for you to begin contacting people you know in the UK who may be interested in Isagenix.

Following the pre-enrolment period, we will have a soft launch scheduled for the end of Quarter 2 in 2017. Members will be able to order products, join the IsaBody Challenge® and, if they choose, participate in the compensation plan! Stay tuned for more information on the Grand Opening event and find out how you can be a part of Isagenix history.

For additional details regarding the UK launch, including timelines, contact information, and pre-enrollment processes, please review the UK Leadership Packet (PDF).

Isagenix UK Expression of Interest to Pre-Enroll

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