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How long should you use Isagenix?

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We often get emails from existing and potential customers asking how long they should use Isagenix. The simple answer is as long as you want to keep consuming highest quality premium nutrition available to us.

Isagenix is not a quick fix, so while 30 days of using Isagenix products will give you great results, maintaining your results & incorporating Isagenix into your lifestyle will give you ongoing results and you will see even more health benefits as a result of ongoing use. Our muscles, brain cells, blood cells can take anywhere between 3-12 months to completely regenerate and renew.

On top of that, our environment today is filled with pollutants and our food supply is not getting any better, infact food alone food will never be enough again so it is crucial to supplement our food with the nutrients that we are not getting from our food these days.

Video: Nutritional deficiency explained

UCLA Spinach Study

UCLA Spinach study showing mineral deficiency of today's produce

“In 1997 UCLA conducted a study of the effects of iron. They had a sample of spinach grown back in 1953. Several women were reported as being anemic even though they were supposedly eating a lot of spinach salads. So they compared samples of spinach from 1997 with that grown in 1953. It was concluded that you would have to eat 43 bowls of spinach in 1997 to equal just 1 bowl in 1953! Not only was the spinach deficient in iron, but other minerals as well. As a consequence, when you do not have minerals sufficient, the body cannot use the vitamins.
The UCLA study showed: “Spinach’s potassium content dropped by 53 percent, its phosphorus by 70 percent, its iron by 60 percent and its copper by 96 percent.”


 Nutritional density of Isagenix products

Isagenix ingredients nutritional content explained

Nutritional content of Isagenix products is second to none.


Sharing Isagenix with friends & Family

Isagenix has created a simple system to allow its members to get rebates on Isagenix products by sharing with friends & family. To understand how this works, watch the 2 minute video below and contact us if you need any help getting started.


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