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Personal Trainer finds his form in Isagenix IsaBody Challenge

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Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle as an example for his family and personal training clients, Shannon M. found he kept falling back into old habits. Although he knew what his goals were, it wasn’t until he was introduced to Isagenix® in July 2014 that he found a program to support his nutritional needs. Just a couple of weeks later, he started his first IsaBody Challenge® and discovered the perfect framework to get his lifestyle back on track.

Starting from scratch

“Before Isagenix I was unhappy, stressed and tired,” shares Shannon. “I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and I didn’t think about the effects this had on my body or my family.”

Shannon M IsaBodyThis lifestyle continued for five years until October 2011, when Shannon’s life changed. “My partner Liz and I had our first child and I wanted to do something more to provide for our family. I became a qualified Personal Trainer (PT) and started working full-time in a gym,” explains Shannon. “Starting a family really helped me to realise what I wanted from life. Becoming a PT and supporting my clients to achieve their goals also helped me stay on track.”

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